Step 9 on the Edublogs course is to work with plugins.

I have activated a number of plugins already. They are: AddThis Social Share, Accessibility, Compfight Safe Images, Contact Form, Easy Tables, Lightbox for Images, Menu Icons, Pixabay Images, LaTeX Math Symbols, Print Post and Page, Print, PDF and Email by Print Friendly, Supreme Google Webfonts.

These all allow me to do a range of things to my blog post, such as:

Create a table and show use of the Visual Editor and some other plugins.

Change the font ∅ Use a special character or two Σ

Insert a picture using Comfight

Flickr's formula : 9 - 3 - 6 - 36 Ben via Compfight

Insert a picture using Pixabay

I am going to have to learn how to insert a picture using Comfight better.

What if I do it out of the table:

Better, but still need some more practice.

I have Lightbox activated, but I can’t tell in the editor if it is working.

I think I have too many things at this point. I will keep blogging and decide what I don’t need.


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2 thoughts on “Plugins

  1. Hi Michelle,

    You’ve made a fabulous start to your blog! I love the way you’ve really taken time to try out different skills and write posts about them.

    I hope you’re enjoying the process and look forward to seeing what you get up to next!


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